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Get your rugs cleaned by hiring us. We are one of the top professional rug cleaners offering top-notch domestic carpet and rug cleaning services at an affordable price.
We have gathered huge years of experience in carpet cleaning and this makes us an expert to assure the beautification of your carpets at the best. We are aware of every knowhow of domestic rug cleaning and hence can provide the best suitable cleaning solutions for your home carpets.

There are hundreds of rug cleaners out there. But we are able to establish ourselves as the leaders of this market for our high professionalism, exclusive carpet cleaning solution packages, highly affordable price as well as friendly behavior. We aim at 100% customer satisfaction.
We follow the steam cleaning technique for cleaning carpets and rugs. This technique is highly appreciated by the industry experts as well as the carpet manufacturers. As we use minimal detergent in this technique, your health is safe from any type of chemical exposure, and you will not face any health issue after the cleaning program.

Our cleaning procedures adhere to all the guidelines and standards set by the industry experts of domestic rug cleaning. In addition, we avoid all types of harsh chemicals and use only biodegradable products in our cleaning solutions. And this leads to a safe and green domestic carpet and rug cleaning service.
We know the importance of time in your busy schedule and we do not hamper your daily routine for our service. You are free to schedule the service at the best time convenient to you. You need not have to adjust with us, but we will adjust with your schedule. We also offer on-the-spot carpet cleaning. We are open 24×7 and provide services on holidays as well as weekends.

Our cleaners are certified and insured. They will also help you with the post-cleaning services. Apart from being experts of rug cleaning our cleaners are also customer friendly and will win your hearts by their friendly and warm behavior.
To get the best carpet cleaning service at an affordable cost contact us today. You can email us with your queries and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. We will also take your call each time you call us.




  • Small Rug (approximately 2′ x 3′)
    from  £14
  • Big Rug (approximately 4′ x 6′)
    from  £26


Can I combine a cleaning service with some other service you provide?

Of course, you can. For more detailed information, please make sure to contact us.

Do your carpet technicians guarantee the full removal of heavy soil and stains?

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee the full removal of heavy soil and stains because the efficiency of our cleaning sessions entirely depends on the origin of those stains. There are two more major factors – whether the stain has been pre-treated or not and for how long it has been on the carpet. We can assure you, however, that our technicians are doing everything within their power to remove as much as possible.

How does your carpet cleaning work? Do I have to bring the carpets to your office or will your cleaners come to clean them on site?

There is no need to bring the carpets to our office because our technicians will come to your property to have the carpets deep cleaned on site.

A word from our customers

  • Taylor Parry

    The cleaning services of this company are professional and affordable. The cleaners always arrive on time and do a fantastic job cleaning our 2-bedroom property. The kitchen is always pristine.

  • Kayleigh Roberts

    Your housekeepers made my life a lot easier. We were having a birthday party the next day and the house sparkled. The cleaners were amazing, so kind and absolutely thorough. Even the oven was cleaned out!

  • Brooke O'Neill

    I am away often so it is hard for me to keep on top of housework. It is so wonderful to be able to book a cleaning service whenever I need. Keep up the good work, your services are the best in town.

  • Olivia Armstrong

    A really brilliant cleaning service! Everything was done to very high standards and those cleaners worked so hard. They made sure I was satisfied with the outcome. I cannot wait to use the service again.

  • Isobel Morley

    Your cleaners did a deep cleaning for me. When they completed the job, I could not believe my eyes – the job they did was so fantastic. Every nook and cranny sparkles now. Thanks for being there for me.